INGEDE Symposium 2016

Jori Ringman of CEPI (Celebrating 25 Years of INGEDE)

Thank you for joining us for the
25th INGEDE Symposium
on February 24, 2016!

Here you can download all the presentations.



        Update on INGEDE’s Activities
pdflogoUlrich Höke, Chairman of INGEDE


Martyn Eustace, Two Sides

        Project Mainstream on Circular Economy
pdflogoMartyn Eustace, Two Sides UK

arrowVideo on Youtube: NIVEA SUN KIDS — The Protection Ad
arrowVideo on Youtube: Direct mail targets your kitty
arrowVideo on Youtube: The World's First Mosquito-Repelling Newspaper
arrowVideo on Youtube: Effective Microorganisms Calendar


Ulrich Leberle, CEPI

        The EU Circular Economy Proposal and related CEPI activties
pdflogoUlrich Leberle, CEPI


        Assessment and development of easy-recyclable printing materials in Japan
pdflogoShisei Goto, Nippon Paper




Delagoutte, CTP

         INGEDE Project 147 15 "Development of a method for the evaluation
         of the hydrodispersible character of adhesives"

pdflogoThierry Delagoutte, CTP


Forsström, VTT

        REFFIBRE project — Tools for Resource-Efficient use of recycled FIBRE material
pdflogoUlla Forsström, VTT


Antje Kersten, PMV

         INGEDE Project 145 14 "Entrance quality control of recovered paper
         regarding deinkability of printed products by FT-IR spectroscopy"

pdflogoAntje Kersten, PMV


Manfred Geistbeck, UPM

        Working Group Paper for Recycling
pdflogoManfred Geistbeck, UPM


        Working Group Deinking Process
pdflogoFrank Zimmermann, UPM


Axel Fischer, INGEDE

        INGEDE Activities in Public Relations and Deinkability of Digital Prints
pdflogoAxel Fischer


        Closure and Outlook
        Ulrich Höke, Chairman of INGEDE

        The next INGEDE Symposium will take place in Munich on February 8, 2017.

More about paper being sustainable here!


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